Marie Louise Nørredam

Marie Louise Nørredam


Primary research areas
Scientific main interest lies within the field of equity and health; migration and health and health services research. A particular focus is on the impact of ethnicity and migration on health conditions and access to health care; vulnerable migrant groups; mental health and chronic diseases among migrants.

Current research
Marie Nørredam is involved in a number of research projects within the area equity and health and migration and health

  • Refugee children’s health.
  • Mortality patterns among migrants.
  • Use of mental health care services among migrants.
  • Cancer diagnosis and survival among migrants.
  • Undocumented migrants’ health and access to care.
  • Asylum seekers’ health and access to care.
  • Equity in access to and use of healthcare services

Please see the publication list for most recent publications

Teaches/lectures primarily in migration and health and inequality and health/access to health care.

Marie Nørredam teaching experiences from several educations at the Faculty of Health, the University of Copenhagen:

  • Bachelor- and Master education in Public Health
  • Medicine
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • Master of International Health (MIH)
  • Copenhagen School of Global Health, summer school
  • Anthropology for Copenhagen University’s initiative on migration

Marie Nørredam is course director for the Public Health bachelor course: “Immigrant and refugee health”; Module II about ‘Healthcare systems in low and middle income societies’ at Master of International Health; and PhD-course on: ‘A general Introduction to Theory and Methods in migration and health research’.

Marie Nørredam supervises students in Public Health, Medicine, Master of Public Health, Master of Health etc. in topics within health services research, metnal health, health and life conditions for migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, and the organization of the health care system.

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