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Access to and Use of Health Services

Scientific articles

  • Hospitalspersonale har forskellige holdninger til indvandrerpatienter.
    Nielsen AS, Krasnik A, Michaelsen JJ, Nørredam M, Torres, AM. Ugeskrift for Læger. 2008;170(7):541-4.

  • Access to health care for undocumented immigrants. Rights and practice.
    Hansen AR, Krasnik A, Høg E. Ugeskrift for Læger. 2006;168(36):3011-3. Republished in: Dan Med Bull. 2007;54(1):50-1.

Book chapters

  • Migrants access to health services. 
    Nørredam M, Krasnik A. In: Migration and health in the European Union. Rechel, B, Mladovsky P, Devillé W, Rijks B, Petrova-Benedict R, McKee M (eds). London: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies Series. 2011;67-80.