Improvement of health and wellbeing among pregnant undocumented migrants and their children in Denmark

The aim of this project is to generate knowledge regarding the health and health seeking behaviour among pregnant undocumented migrants and their children in Denmark.  Currently very little research has been performed regarding this topic, and how the group is affected by their limited access to health services, and their living conditions in general.

The study is based on data form the Red Cross Health Clinic for Undocumented Migrants, interviews with pregnant women and mothers, and medical records from Danish labour wards.

An in-depth knowledge regarding the health among pregnant women and their children, their health seeking behaviour and motivations, can be used for developing specific interventions aimed at this particular vulnerable group, who currently seem to not participate in the health promotional efforts available.

The project will be carried out by midwife Julia Kadin Funge, research assistant Mathilde Boye and project leader Marie Nørredam. The project is a collaboration between the Red Cross, The Danish Research Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Health, and Copenhagen University College.

The project is funded by Oak Foundation Denmark and the Rockwool Foundation.

The project started 1.1.2018 and runs until 1.3.2020.