CAGE - Coming of age in exile

Coming of Age in Exile (CAGE) is a large research project funded by the Nordic Research Council. CAGE has been developed within the Nordic Network for Research Cooperation on Unaccompanied Refugee Minors and its sister network Nordic Network for Research on Refugee Children.

CAGE have 5 research teams located at 5 Nordic partner Institutions with 20 researchers working on 6 studies and sub-studies.

CAGE is based on comparative analyses across the Nordic countries in a pursuit to investigate the development of health and socio-economic inequities in young refugees in the Nordic welfare societies.

The following studies are conducted by researchers at MESU:

Study 1 - Comparative register studies

Study 2a - Improving the health reception of young refugees in the Nordic countries

Study 2b - 
A comparative analysis of education policies targeting the health and wellbeing of refugee students in the Nordic countries

For further information about the CAGE- Coming of Age in Exile project, please visit the project website at